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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


good music and sprites
bad game play and repetitive - all you haf 2 do is just spam J and move lyk a ninja


Congratulations! You made an 8-bit classic out of this. Music and gameplay are simple and repetitive, but that's how they were, weren't they? I only got to Knight but I'm sure there's gotta be som nasty final boss down there somewhere, I'm just too old to burn my eyelids so far...:P

Not bad

It was a good way to waste a good five minutes while my mom was talking at me. Something about missing her "ONLY BABY BOY CAUSE HE MOVED OUT AND YOU NEVER CALL D=".

So, not bad.

not to good

not replay value plus keys sometimes jam i was suck heading diagonaly sw unable to move untill i died


Repetitive, unoriginal, and crap-tastic