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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Awesome Game!

This is a great concept and tons of fun to play, the only thing I suggest is putting in some kind of combo system for the points.

PS The music rocks please upload it to NG :)


I really don't understand why everyone hates on this game--Personally I love it, amazing replay value, the simplicity gives it a depth that keeps me coming back. Great job with this one-- can't wait for a sequel!


I runed out of items at 13 level and died...
I'd be very happy if there would be like reply button (not from the beginning)

like the others said...

it IS kind of repetetive. on the other hand i felt the urge to get all those extra and secrets and the character's animation somehow reminded me of the fights in mystic quest for the snes ^^. and this subfloor thingie, hordes of monsters coming at you and button mashing reminded me somehow of deadly towers for the nes... except for deadly towers sucking really hard.


Found this game to be fun the first time i played but unfortunately theres close to zero replay value.
This is mainly a button masher though u just have to add direction to where u mash.
The other thing is this game has potential but lacks something maybe a second attack that is a sword sweep of sorts, stationary but packs power and a slight area attack.