Reviews for "zOMGies"

Wouldn't put it on the front page.

This game is very annoying. The running, the zombies. Where do I start? For starters there are obstacles. I don't know about everybody else on Newgrounds, but it's hard to keep up with extremely fast-paced obstacles heading your way and shooting 100 zombies.

How do you get to the safe house from a game and change your guns? You can't. You just have to use the same crappy-ass guns until you win.

Not that the guns are good or anything. They're a disgrace. The shotgun and anything before is crap (except the uzi) and the sniper and bazooka are shit weapons. (They do shit.) The flamethrower is probably the best weapon you're gonna get. This game just STARTS to get fucking impossible at level 19. More to come, though.

this suck dick

I only played it cuz the picture looked cool... but the game, its kind of very bad.

This game isn't very good...

Shots do the same amount of damage regardless of the weapon until really late in, headshots are nearly useless except for achievements, the sombies can hit you even if you're out of their range, (has happened to me more than once) overall way too much was overlooked in the making of this game.