Reviews for "zOMGies"

Nice little game

It's far from bad, I really like it, but it's kinda hard. Not exactly challenging, yet doable, but what bugs me is the zombies that rush at you from behind: you can't kill them if they are right next to you (maybe if you have the crowbar) so you have to do a perilous detour above or under him to get to him, but being already surrounded, it means death.

3 chances? Not much, if you want my point of view.

And when you die, it would be nice to have the option to change weapon, because if I pick up bad ones and die, I'm stuck with them forever.


this a awsome game


the game was amusing but tha iaming was a bit wweird and it was too fast paced so you couldnt stop to pick anything up.

Made it to lvl 41

It's the same thing over and over? Were's the ending?

Awesome game but

being able to aim all around you instead of front or back at angles, would of been helpful.