Reviews for "zOMGies"

levels were short

health is low
move tooslow

Ok, hit and miss.

It's alright, there's way to many flaws here to deserve a 10 star though.

First of all, the aiming is pretty bad, while the concept [of aiming itself] is pretty sound, not being able to shoot above and within a foot of your character is crippling towards game play, making this way harder than it should be. Not impossible, just annoyingly difficult.

Oddly enough, that's not what annoyed me the most while playing through this. The game seems to forget that I turned off SFX between rounds, playing the win/lose music or cut scene, and starting the next level with the zombie horde loop playing.

With all this said, I kept coming back to play for one reason: The weapons. I wanted to see if the game would get better in itself as the weapons got better, and well, it did. Although it seemed like the final weapon was hardly worth it.

I'd love to see this reworked with an update or sequel, maybe even play tested a bit more before it's release.

pretty good game

pretty good game , pretty time consuming too

Great game.

But I have a laptop, and aiming is impossible with a mousepad. Maybe add the the option to use WSAD to aim? Please?

hell good game

mini left4d