Reviews for "zOMGies"

Blasting Cryonic temple while acing zombies with mah lazer. Nice feeling, I was euphoric.

This is a funny game with a weird backgournd story, one which makes you go "what..."
Nevermind we're here for the action. Here are the things I think this game is missing :
-a mute button (seriously it gets annoying quickly after trying desperately to finish a level after 5 tries)
-a 360 turn while aiming but I guess this is part of the difficulty

But this game is great overall, like the gory scenes, the splashes, guts brains and shit. My kinda game.

Zombie marathon, nice game.
Only two things that I personally would like, one 360 weapon turn, that could give more precision and
freedom while shooting. Other thing would be, sometimes zombies would get so close that I can't
even shoot them, well but probably that's why the chainsaw is for. :D
But in overall, good job. :)

Nice job the game is cool! Btw, the crowbar medal isnt working for me :/

wow, what a crap

Not bad. :)