Reviews for "zOMGies"

Fast paced, challenging and really fun, it's indeed a really good zombie game


Not killing anyone awards the 100% headshot count. Although not wrong - technically, 0/0 is 100% - I doubt this was the developer's intent

simple and difficult. runnings not as easy as it looks. I would have broadened the travel on the aiming arc. graphics are lacking, its a cool game.

Not bad, for sure easier than zomgies 2. anyway thanks for 490 points.

Fun and addictive game

The quality of the video is first rate, as is the style, with incredible design, plus everything moves independently, unlike the bulk of the flash that we usually see here. Lavish attention to detail, My Impression was just that, that this was a fun and fantastic flash here, you did a good Representation of this so nice job. Haha this game starts out pretty fun and fast paced, quick and to the point, the controls are easy to understand and are smooth, The little video after death was pretty nifty aswell, Good fun game the type you can play for hours So not to cut things short, but you do have something nifty here and i was pretty impressed, wouldnt mind seeing more added into this to make it even more fun and interesting but you have done pretty good sofar. Infact This flash was Explosive, Crisply presented and Grippingly detailed You did it Tastefully and i am Confident everyone will enjoy it as much as i did.

You can improve on this, So use some of these ideas, even as basic as some may be but in the end your flash will be much better for it. So i got alot of good from this flash it was amazing actually, But also So think about some of the ideas suggested in the review. But anyways hope to see some more work from you, and hope to see some updates aswell, as this game was really fun and would love to see it continue on. Overall it was fun, maybe making it so that you have different types of guys to chose from with different fighting styles and abilities would be one way of improving on this game.