Reviews for "Spectrum Wings"

Pretty cool, but...

MUCH too difficult. Now, I'm not saying there are too many enemies or that I don't like that they get tougher in later levels. Both of these are great. However, I think you need to either cut the prices of the upgrades in half, or you need to make it so that a player can revisit a previous level. Otherwise, I'm finding this game quite unbeatable.

It also seems very reminiscent of R-Type, from the round canopy of the ship to the spinning action of the Drones.

Good game.

The game looks and sounds very professional. The upgrades are quite interesting, just like the capsule as gameplay element. I definetely would have played it through, if the pretty tough boss in level 6 didn't annoy me that much. Talking about annoying things: The music isn't as good as it can be in games of that type. But what really sets the sound to a lower level isnt the choice of the soundtrack but the way too loud soundeffects. They really take away a lot from the heavy bass songs.

good job

interactive, although the explanation of equipment is a little slim. Other than that, I beat it and got rank 5, would've been 2 had I actually equiped what I bought, lol. Either way, keep up the good work(although the last boss was actually rather easy tbh


i bet u love Earth Defense Force huh? Great game

Very Nice

It is a very well done game. The flight animations are good, the weapons and sounds work well, and the enemies are plentiful.

The only problem I saw was the challenge for the non space shooter gamer, but really it's easy to learn after a few minutes, so that's a bit of a small gripe.

All in all a great game, worthy of the high scores it's been receiving.