Reviews for "Customizable Analog Clock"


Its Swedish time!Its where i live!


This was good. Probably the most accurate clock creator i have seen on the internet and I saw 9.

TheFishyOne responds:

Heh, don't think that this is so great, but thank you. ^^

Dude thats a cool clock thingy

Just add some more variety to each of the selections and you'll have an awesome clock

TheFishyOne responds:

I will. :)

pretty good

for what it is this is a nice, working, tool.
the only improvement i can think of is to make the shape of the clock changeable.

It's ok.

It's nicely done, but I seek fun. This is not fun. This is just a clock. Maybe add some surprising features or more animation? Twice as much hands? Gaming elements? Achievements for staring at your clock long enough?

TheFishyOne responds:

Yes, I will make and think of something that would be more entertaining and not boresome. xD

I'll think of something