Reviews for "Customizable Analog Clock"


This was good. Probably the most accurate clock creator i have seen on the internet and I saw 9.

TheFishyOne responds:

Heh, don't think that this is so great, but thank you. ^^

It's ok.

It's nicely done, but I seek fun. This is not fun. This is just a clock. Maybe add some surprising features or more animation? Twice as much hands? Gaming elements? Achievements for staring at your clock long enough?

TheFishyOne responds:

Yes, I will make and think of something that would be more entertaining and not boresome. xD

I'll think of something

Its Alright

It's nice, don't get me wrong. However, its simply too boring! I'm sure noone (Even yourself) wouldn't sit in front of a customizable clock for more than 5 minutes. You accomplished what you were trying to make, but it just simply doesn't fill my hunger for what i want to see! Simply either add more things to do, [Animated backgrounds, SOUNDS maybe?] or label the idea as a bust. You did a nice job, but thats about it.

TheFishyOne responds:

Yep, you are right. I will think of something.

Dude thats a cool clock thingy

Just add some more variety to each of the selections and you'll have an awesome clock

TheFishyOne responds:

I will. :)

pretty good

for what it is this is a nice, working, tool.
the only improvement i can think of is to make the shape of the clock changeable.