Reviews for "Lord of the Koopas"

Wow. Just Amazing! I was digging the start, very scary castle-esque and then the guitar jumped in and really brought the tempo up. The violin part made my hair stand on end. I loved it.

vcrock responds:

Thank you so much for the feeback! I'm really glad you liked it. This was definitely one of the defining songs of my childhood, so I thought to myself "Why not epic it up just a little bit?" I feel it could be WAY more epic than this, and I may expound on those feelings in the future, but, unfortunately, my priorities must be elsewhere for the time being.

Might just be the best cover of Bowser's final theme from Mario 64 I've heard in ages. Everything fit so damn perfectly and I absolutely LOVED that badass violin solo towards the end. I think that hit the nail right on the head and deserves a perfect 5

You have taken an already epic theme to a completely new level of awesomeness. I've listened to your first version of this song before and was impressed already, and it's amazing to see how much this tune evolved after three years of tweaking and what not. I could give you a million stars for this, but sadly, I'm limited to giving 5 stars maximum.

Easily 5 stars. Very good work!

0/10 not enough koopers.

I hope you laughed.