Reviews for "Lord of the Koopas"

i love the guitar & violin.

I wish that was in a mario game. The final fight would be so much more epic!

Very good. Has a nice ominous feel to it. Out of curiosity, what all instruments were in it?

vcrock responds:

All of the instruments that I used were sample libraries.
The following is a list of a few used in this song:
-Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Prominy LPC Electric Distortion Guitar, using Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2)
-Symphonic Strings (ProjectSAM Symphobia)
-Solo Violin (Garritan Solo Stradivari Violin)
-Organ/harpsichord (Garritan Personal Orchestra)
-Choir (East West Quantum Leap "Voices of the Apocalypse")
-Percussion (Toontrack EZDrummer)

And my software of choice was FL Studio.

I wanted to make the song start off very slowly and ominously, leading suddenly into the higher energy guitar accompaniment.

The scene that I envisioned while creating this was the first, ominous, organ-centric portion playing as Mario strugglingly opens a massive, heavily ornate, stone door, leading to a dimly lit, grand, cathedral-like room lined with tall pillars.
Mario cautiously pushes his way through the door and into the room, wary of potential dangers.

After he makes his way toward the center of the vast room, one of the pillars abruptly bursts, sending a multitude of large shards at Mario, as the guitar portion of the song kicks in.

Bowser lunges down from the towering ceiling at Mario, who narrowly dodges the attempted Thwomping.

*Battle ensues*

Excellent work indeed. You deserve 6 out of 5 stars. Bowser has the 6th though ;)

Easily 5 stars. Very good work!