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Reviews for "Sonic scene creator V.4"


I don't see what people get out of these things, I guess for what it is it's good, it has alot of sprites. It just doesn't do anything for me, I mean I can boot up windows paint copy paste a bunch of sprites and make one of these things. The music from the title screen sometimes overlaps the music in the scene creator by the way. If I had to make a suggestion for improvement I would say add some more hostile mob sprites, you had alot of sprites of the good guys, including a few I didn't recognize, then again I gave up on the sonic series a bit after the era of the horrible 3d ones began. This did bring back memories of sonic 3 however, which is my favorite sonic game of all time, bonus points for that.

Just a drag and drop game

I don't understand why people vote this game so high.
You can't even play.
It's just a set of sprites and a drag and drop game.
Why is that so existing?

charaters form the shadow the hedgehog show !!!!!!!

i hate that scarey tails doll still have nightmare

this sucks add more people