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Reviews for "Sonic scene creator V.4"

is ok,

well i think it needs more song choices.tho this would be a 8,you made up for the poor backround choice with THoUnDS of cool sprites!over all its a great game.


awsome ppl of me! if i could pick a number between 1 and 10000000 i would pick 10000000

1,100+ sprites...AWESOME!

More than 2,500 and it`ll get a 100/100 or 1,000 googolplex/1,000 googolplex

pretty good

this is pretty much one of the most successful scene creators i've ever played!

4.5/5 9/10

Needs something MORE.

Needs MORE Sprites. But I gotta admit the classic ones are cool to.

And needs a flip button. to turn them arround.

Zhuburz responds:

You can flip them by pressing space...
just read the instructions...