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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"


Spectacular gameplay, nice easy to look at pixels, nice little bonuses for % completions; What more could a gamer ask for? :3

To people who have a problem with the controls, suck it up, really? I mean, I play a lot of games that have many different layouts. It's easy to pick up on the controls of about 90% of all games for me, why can't you all do the same? xD

And, on a final note; I'm also experiencing the 98% enemies killed on the 3rd level on Hard. It's really bugging me that I can't unlock it! x3

(10/10, 5/5) - Wonderful play, actually found myself replaying levels just to see if I could get through an entire one without being hit.




Dude this game is AWESOME!!! hopefully they add more levels and fix the whole boss defeated frozen screen thing!! if they do please email me!!

bitpimp responds:

Sure will. I believe their is a slight WAIT before the latest upload goes up, so I'll keep checking.


really cool i liked it! the music was good the controls where a bit odd but still playable, good game! =]

Nice challenge! Good times!

SImple, old school fun!

Without too much to think about but much to consider, this game just dives right in and immerses you in such a tasty 2D environment!

Thanks a bundle! This is grand!