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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"


i dont like to play this type of game allot and i dont like to write review for this type of game but i just had to comment on one thing. unlike other games of this nature (i am looking at you robin the archer) this game has an amazing sound track i found myself just playing to her it more good job

bitpimp responds:

It means a lot that you played you this and it's not your cup of tea. A new goal of mine has been to try to make more classic genre's like run and guns, more accessible.

Bunnymajs' music really completes the package!

Thanks a lot!

Great game

Where the average flash game is boring after 5min, this one got me playing for an half hour. Great game!
Where other 'pixel arcade' games tend to suffer from annoying movement controls, this one worked just fine.

Keep on going!


kinda duke nukem 1. Love this old fashion graphism. Great music. Keep it up

Not bad

This is a good game but everytime I beat the 2nd boss the game stops working, though i can still go into the menu, not ganna give you a low score because of that though, could just be my computer


It would've been even better if it were a bit longer.
But other than that, I like games like this.