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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

great job

not only do i like flixel games from the start you chose a good set of musi to go with it. it was a very detailed and well thought out game although i found this game somewhat difficult i definitley think this game deserves a stay on the front page and a 10/10 rating! congrats

fucking AMAZING

+platfor shooter
+jumping on peoples heads
-too short
Really really good game the only thing you can really do is add a level or two (in between 2and three or make a sequel my only comlaint is the easy lvl 3 upgrade


It took me a while to find which control i liked using better, but after that i enjoyed it! good nostalgic style

loved it

nice game i fully completed it keep it up

Great fun! Definitely worth your attention.

Exploring platform fans, check this game out. It reminds me of great classics like Cave Story and Metroid, while it mixes the action of platform series like Mario and Metal Slug.

The gameplay and the fun are the strong points here. The story is abstract, like our classics Mario games.

Definitely worth your attention. Go have fun!