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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

Definitely legit!

I played this game through and unlocked all the awards and let me just say I was amused the entire time. All the upgrades are really cool except for maybe the grenade. Unlocking double jump definitely saved a lot of time and let me bypass a lot of redoing of things.
Great work.


...its that good.

Amazing game

Pretty good game that reminded me of the good 'ole days where graphics didn't matter and all that was needed was the action. Incredible soundtrack. It is pretty simple. The menu looks better graphics-wise than the actual game it's self.


Good ole school feel, kinda wish it was a bit longer but its fine how it is, hope to see blasting agent 2-more blastin, sometime soon.

metroid, contra, duke nukem...

And a few others seem to influence this game. It was a bit too easy in hard mode... but who am I to complian anyway? Great job! Keep it up!