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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

Best I've seen in this style in ages

Straigt up 10.

No question about it in my mind. I think it's flawless although I have only made it througha couple levels.

'game added to favorites'

Just amazing

I'm a fixel fan, and your game is worth every second. The music is amazing. What's the name of that Bunnymajs track? (the buy link just points nowhere).


really fun
the upgrades are really helpful and cool

Great game

Its really great game that you definitely should check out. It has great retro graphics with modern look, music is quite good and gameplay is sheer oldschool goodnes, only bad thing about this game is that its too easy on easy.


Loved the boss battles, they required a decent amount of skill and strategy.
Music was great, graphics were maybe a little bit too pixelated, not really a big deal, but a little more detail would have been nice.

The various unlockable skills were great motivation to get 100% completion on each level, and getting all the medals was fun.
Replaying the game on hard mode was also interesting since your character was much stronger then before.
I probably found hard mode easier, not really complaining though, wouldn't want the game to get frustratingly hard.

Overall was great fun, especially playin it with ma PS2 pad.
Wish the game were longer though, three levels just ain't enough :(

Hope to see more games like it!