Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

Awesome game !

Incredible retro game with nice upgrades in the form of prizes. Really entertaining and challenging, I wished there would be more games as good as this one !
The music fits it really nicely and the graphics, albeit a bit straining to the eye, are a great match to the general concept and gameplay.

I have one question. I gained all the prizes but the last on in hard mode. I seem to miss one enemy in the third stage that prevents me from winning the last prize, but somehow in easy mode I can achieve 100% kills easily each time, in hard mode I am always stuck at 98% kills. What could it be ?


Ninja powers are cool.


this game is great i enjoyed myself with the game and thats why y give a perfect score, but please fix this boss freeze bug i would like to play lvl 2 D=

great game

great game, nice music and everything was perfect except.....Please change the jump and fire or give us the option to change it. Jump should have been C and fire X, not the other way around.

Great game.

Great game, I'm a big fan of pixel things. But anyway, I found some bugs. I'm on this big mountain of red/green bricks, covered in the fragile ones. I was shooting them all, and a few bricks, when destroyed, there was a red/green brick behind it, and I could walk through those bricks. But great game, please make more with the Flixel framework. I would give this 10 out of 10 anytime, anywhere.