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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

good game

good game, good music. whats the song in the first level?

This is a masterpiece ^_^

Really good game.Smooth controls, powerups, cool 8 bit graphics, and awesome 8bit music. this should be on the front page Twice...yeah, I think its that good no I know its that good.
p.s did you model the guy after Duke Nukem? It looks like an 8bit version of him.

- -

Fantastic work! I've always had a soft spot for pixel games, and this one had some really great game play! The controls were simple and fun to work with, and the enemies gave a lot of variety to the game. I never felt like I was doing the same actions repeatedly, which made the game fun all the way through! The upgrades were a really nice touch, especially since some of them were somewhat hidden. The levels were huge enough to explore without seeming like the character was completely lost.

The bonus upgrades were a fantastic idea. It gives the player a reward for finding treasure and killing enemies, and they were all very useful. Plus it gives you a good reason to replay in hard mode!

The graphics were beautiful. They provided just enough detail to give the player and idea of what the blocks were, without getting too repetitive or dull. And the map layouts were great. It takes a lot of work to make the map provide plenty of visual entertainment, with little details like backgrounds and block placements. Great!

The bosses were fantastic too! The first one gave some leeway being the first boss, which is a good thing. The second boss, however, seemed far too easy. It was simple to move just a bit over and shoot constantly. Mayhaps give him an attack where he moves horizontally over the entire ground, giving the player a reason to use those tractor beams (unless of course, he does have such a move. I beat him pretty quickly, so I don't know...). The last boss was intense! It took me a few tries to beat him, but it was challenging instead of frustrating. The second part of the boss blew me away! I was not expecting it, and that was certainly a challenge! Felt good to beat it.

Music was lovely and never got dull. Went perfectly with the setting, and the pixel style.

So, yeah... a near perfect game for me. Definitely glad I checked it out.

bitpimp responds:

Murk, glad to hear that this game gave you good feelings! Hoping that SOMEONE is going to enjoy the game I am working on is what gets me through the really tedious aspects of a dev cycle, so thanks a ton.

Very nice

Very enjoyable game, very rewarding. A certain powerup made the Hard Mode playthrough bareable :D

Great Game

Well made and awesome gameplay