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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

i bet that most of you didnt know but...

if u press forward/back twice, he dashes


this game at first time , i didnt expect it to be so cool , it has great game play and music , it has interesting bosses and enemies , making it an awesome game ! love it :]

Awesome retroness!


This game is really nice! I just got all 6 medals and it was fun playing through this game. 3 unique levels with very different bosses, weapon upgrades, new skills, new outfits, dazzling SFx, MIDI BgM and lots of cute pixels just like in the good old times!

In case of some sequel, a 2-player mode would be nice! Contra-style!

Pretty Good

I thought this game was really cool But at the same time something bothered me about it I just cant place it though there is something to be improved upon i just dont know what it is (And im not talking about graphics) Oh and a plot would be nice

awesome retro game

I only wish for a little more resolution or more detail, just a little, dont know have you ever played Gijoe for NES?