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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

"Do Not Speak On Terrorist.Thank you"

Boring,it has bo music too bad for you ):
sorry dude 8/10.dude i dont have anything to do wit this game.

Great retro short game

Its short but is very good and enjoy playing it. Also have secrets and medals. I dont know why ppl say about the boss problem, i dont have that. try to use pop up window game, for me works. But there is a bug on the last part of the last level where there are 2 ¿guardian towers? that are togheter and shoots if you get close to them. If you kill both on a shot, the max % you can get on enemies is 98%, not 100%. It happens to me 2 times, no kidding. I thought that there was a secret left, but wasnt. try to fix that if you can, it makes me that to see a walkthrought to know it :S

Very Great^^

I hope to see more. Plus I noticed you start from the last door you used if you die which is good, it's like saving since you keep whatever you gained as you enter.


This game is perfect platformer. I was searching for it for years !! Luv the Graphics, the music and the gameplay. It reminds me lost planet, I don't know why. Anyway good job and thanks for this game !! waiting for part 2.


I LUV IT, is there a part 2????