Reviews for "Blasting Agent"


The game is good, 9/10 but I'm giving you a 10/10 because you added in an extra mode, and the ability to pause. No, I'm giving you a 10/10 just for the fucking pause feature. You could have made a game that forced me to donkey punch my head while raping myself and still got a 10/10 as long as you added the pause feature. You're one step ahead of the rest my friend. Everyone else that submits games please think of the player also. We like features like pause. Thank you, that is all.

Nice Game

very nice gameplay! repeatable and enjoyable.
powerups are nice.

Great Game

Well made and awesome gameplay

Very nice

Very enjoyable game, very rewarding. A certain powerup made the Hard Mode playthrough bareable :D

"Do Not Speak On Terrorist.Thank you"

Boring,it has bo music too bad for you ):
sorry dude 8/10.dude i dont have anything to do wit this game.