Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

8-Bit Mainstream

Nothing really good..just a fine game for short breaks.

The music is kind.


contra style game, keep these coming too

Great game.

Great game, I'm a big fan of pixel things. But anyway, I found some bugs. I'm on this big mountain of red/green bricks, covered in the fragile ones. I was shooting them all, and a few bricks, when destroyed, there was a red/green brick behind it, and I could walk through those bricks. But great game, please make more with the Flixel framework. I would give this 10 out of 10 anytime, anywhere.

Not Very Ambitious

But i still dig this type of game. Its a mix between space ninja and well all of the other good looking "PIXEL" style game. Great game :)


It would've been even better if it were a bit longer.
But other than that, I like games like this.