Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

Very good, addicting game

This game reminds me Dark Void Zero. Pixel graphics. 3 levels and boss in the end of each.
The graphics are pretty good. The music is suitable for each place. Controls are fine. But the story and the reason why you should collect gold isn't clear.

Awesome platformer

The medals work fine for me o.o

As for the game, an awesome blend of platforming and a 2D shooter. I found it engaging and didn't mind having to play through a second time. The only thing I think could have been altered was when you maxed out in spread, make one of the shots a more downward angle rather than horizontal and upward only. This is only a small gripe and I look forward to any potential sequels in similar style.


finished the game, got all the awards ingame but none of the medals work, thats the only problem with it

Reminds me of...

of Metal Slug mixed with Metroid and Contra.

reminds me

i thought it was a better version of metal slug it was a sweet game bro