Reviews for "Blasting Agent"

awsome but

needs shops to spend the money you find

fuck this game!!!! :=O

i hate this game it suck's 1 star only because he didn't take fall damage

ThePhilosraptor says...

The controls are a bit too confusing, and the different amount of skill required is also a killjoy. Overall, 9/10

Great fun! Definitely worth your attention.

Exploring platform fans, check this game out. It reminds me of great classics like Cave Story and Metroid, while it mixes the action of platform series like Mario and Metal Slug.

The gameplay and the fun are the strong points here. The story is abstract, like our classics Mario games.

Definitely worth your attention. Go have fun!

metroid, contra, duke nukem...

And a few others seem to influence this game. It was a bit too easy in hard mode... but who am I to complian anyway? Great job! Keep it up!