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Reviews for "West Cliff"

Congrats, man! If music is any reflection on the artist, your music consistently reflects peace. An essential and sadly rare quality for marriage and family. Treasure it. Wish you (both) all the best.

Any chance she can sing? :D

I've had alot of troubles lately. One of the few things that could keep my mind straight was your music.
When i showed it to my friends and family they didn't like it.
So it was my music in some way. My lil thing that I only understand in my circle of people. Even though I don't know what I understand. It just kept me going.
I was eagerly waiting for new content after your album and here it is. Not disappionting in any way.

So a BIG toast to this beautifull piece of new music and your wonderfull brain and heart for making this.
Thank you.

I've been following you since your piece in "Freedom - Person Lost" and you've been always impressing me. This one isn't an exception, a simple but still amazing relaxing song and one of my favorites.

Très motivational. I love it.