Reviews for "Color that fox!"

Cute Fox

for your first one its really good i think. and the fox is cute. :3


Can someone tell me the name of the song, pleassssssssseeeeeeee!!!
Awesome animation also.

Frokusblakah responds:

Dr. Reanimator, Move Your Dead Bones.

I flashed it at the beginning of the movie and its up in the corner under "additional audio"! =P


verryy yaoi.... hehe

Ka Pow!!

You sure do know how to animate and draw the movements of the fox, you must had actually planned many things out from your drawing paper :D
There's nothing wrong with the music anyway... I like it, I added it to fav and 5/5 10/10 for you to have more strength to animate more xD


Everything went together so well. Really original idea too. I started laughing when the camper started running at them with the gun. One of the only times a newgrounds flash has actually made me laugh. Congratulations! :D