Reviews for "Color that fox!"

pretty nice!

non-sucky animation, cthulhu inspired music, and a cute fox! whats not to like?

Well, that was cute.

The music fit very well to this. And it sure was just swell in every way. Just keep it up and you'll most likely get even better.

Though my eyes soon came to look upon AttackBanana's review.
- Failure Troll is Failure.


i love it
i like all moves the song is perfect for the animation
i don like one thing ... i dont see how the pecil steal the gun at the hunter

Frokusblakah responds:

Ahaha. This was actually an oversight on my part. I completely forgot to add an "erase" emote to that scene. The whole idea was that the pen simply erased the gun from the hunters hand. >_<

Superb! X3

If thats really your first you my good sir have done WAY better then my first wack at it. The songs beat gos well with the animations flow and it's charicters are simple but familiare making them lovable in a short amount of time.

Hope you have a few more planed out!

Score:10/10 5/5 Excellent!

nice animation man

:D funny,good music,great job! i wish i could animate on top of other things lol but this is funny and inspired me to join :3