Reviews for "Color that fox!"

Wow very impressive

Really great animation,I like your style aswell and
It goes well together with the music.

I hope to see more from you.
Good luck with your future projects.

Amazing in more ways than one

For your first newgrounds animation, I am very impressed, I liked the story in the video, nice song choice, great animation and Just an all out great video. This is a definitally worth watching more than once.

OMG Amazing

it is videos like these that i truly love... good music videos are my crack.... Good job mate your really good at this i love the fox to ^^ sorta reminds me of a cartoon i used to watch as a kid when he smiles... ahh the good old days.....

Awesome Job!

Heh this flash was real great and original, Nice thing to watch when your in a chill mood :D

Best animation. Period

It's beautifully made artwork that flows frame to frame, stunningly well made. You know it's a good day if your art of foxes is rated by a furry as "Best animation. Period". Keep the foxies coming!