Reviews for "Color that fox!"


Its really cute. I enjoy the music, and it makes me want to dance. The animation itself isn't bad at all. It actually made me smile!

Good work!

What was up with the music?

Totally unfitting.


that cheesy song realy bothers me.
The drawing of the fox aint bad, i'd think you'd be better off making the video shorter, becuase there no real story being told.
put more of your time into the backgrounds, and a more frames to the animations. Not bad for a first try


the animation was well done for some random flash that didn't expect to see anything but sea of obscurity of the flash portal, but everything else looked painfully borrowed. in all honesty, it kind of looks like the kind of flash that is safe for work from a person that normally spends his free time drawing penises attached to random anthropomorphic objects as long as it was quote unquote and more quotes "" "KAWAII"" " ". the fact that the pen chasing the fox was painfully phallic is the proof in the sexual pudding. let's face it. pudding is the sexiest of all deserts.

you have potential. quit trying to impress the furthermore quoted " ""girls""" " """ "" " on gaia with this trite garbage and do something more origial than some gay ass fox being all ^_^.

the internet has more than enough shitty anime-esque animations that are praised on the ability to copy a certain style. it's time to step it up instead of becoming blinded by the acclaim of the mediocre, falling into a sea of obscurity.


Frokusblakah responds:

Well, I like foxes, and I thought it the idea of a stylus chasing a drawing was clever. I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it besides that. As far as my drawing style, I can understand not liking it or feeling like it falls into an overused genre, but it is what I am capable of doing at this point. Yes, I have branched out into other styles and worked on other types, but its not something I could translate into a flash at this point. I'm not looking for acclaim, I was just trying to have fun. =P

I don't quiet understand where you are coming from with the sexual aspect though, I didn't intend any of the flash to have that sort of meaning.


Pointless and... The pen looks like a dick.

Frokusblakah responds:

I'm pretty sure it looks like a pen. =P