Reviews for "Color that fox!"

that..was... awesome...

awesome work dude. i want that pen.if i were the hunter id be pissed

Fun animation with "interesting" music

Even though the music wasn't exactly my style, it seemed to fit the story and animation pretty well. It reminded me of the daffy duck cartoon where he fights with his animator. This was really good for a first submission, especially if you did it in just a few days.

Very good

You have quite a bit of talent. You can see the inspiration of Zarla's flashes in this: It has that same simple, yet innovative, original and unique stayle. I would be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of Dance music, but the choice of song to go with it was good, and the animation fit to it very well. I'm finding it difficult to think of anything to suggest that could be improved. I suppose just keep up the good work and try out as many styles as you can: It's a good use of Zarla's style, but if you could find your own style, your flashes could be massively better. Once again, good job, and keep up the good work

Great work

I say that with it being you're first animation being done. I'll add you as a fav just cause I think there's lots more growth and goodness to come. I think the pen looked like a pen had an old fountain pen look to it that's probably why some didn't think it looked like one. I like how it ended too that's what I was worried about enjoyed it to that part hope it didn't end lame. I'd probably give it an 8 but seeing it's your first one and it was smooth fluid and went well to the music I'll go a niner. Keep up the good work mate.

nice flash

is there going to be more involvovleing this un willingly colored fox?

Frokusblakah responds:

No I've taken a pretty long hiatus from animation while I work on improving my art. Someday I'd like to revisit animation but for now I spend most of my time working on just drawing.