Reviews for "Color that fox!"

Great animation!

Very cute. Very simple yet touching animation. Smooth and well synced with the song too. Your great at animating facial expressions. Hope to see more like this from you!


A very nice movie.

I like how you draw stuff! I bet you got the idea from Zarla Fox's Move Your Dead Bones movie right?

Frokusblakah responds:

I mentioned that it was inspired by Zarla in my description! Though to be fair I liked foxes before I saw any of Zarla's videos. =P


That pen gave me an interesting mental image.
(Hooray flying PINGAS!)


I love how you drew (and colored) the fox. I hope you continue with vids like these. Keep working on your art and animation because your vid has made me extremely happy. (And I hope to see more)

graet flash

love the song love the theam and love the animation.