Reviews for "Color that fox!"


that cheesy song realy bothers me.
The drawing of the fox aint bad, i'd think you'd be better off making the video shorter, becuase there no real story being told.
put more of your time into the backgrounds, and a more frames to the animations. Not bad for a first try

Superb! X3

If thats really your first you my good sir have done WAY better then my first wack at it. The songs beat gos well with the animations flow and it's charicters are simple but familiare making them lovable in a short amount of time.

Hope you have a few more planed out!

Score:10/10 5/5 Excellent!

Yeah Zarla!

I saw Zarla's music video a long while back and I really see where you're coming from with your animation! I like it bunches but there is just one thing... that pen. I really can't keep myself from being a little annoyed that it looks like a dancing limp pen is. Really good, but, just can't get past that fact. Sozz. :D


I liked it. Great job for your first serious flash.

Keep on drawing em!


For your 1st flash this is superb good job my good sir.