Reviews for "Color that fox!"

I liked it

i thought the animation was smooth and i especially loved the song, Im having trouble finding it though

need music that work with the animation

nice and smoth animation but next time you should try to fit the the music and animation so it get some of its own rythm.

keep working and you should be a great animator

Not bad

It's strange, there's nothing great about it, but I kept laughing, which is the great thing I guess.

The only criticism that I have is the black transitions are unnecessary, and kind of break the flow. Even if we just saw the next set for a second without any action, the flow would be a lot better I think.

Other than that, gewd job yew.


You put a lot of feeling into this! Good work!

Cute fox, music could be better

Aaand that about sums up my review. :D

I like your animating style, it was quite nice. However, next time, I'd like a more fitting music. Maybe something about colors... or foxes.

Overall a nice movie, though.