Reviews for "Color that fox!"


This video is simply fantastic. You did a beast job making this. :]

Your a Furry,,.arn't you?

..but that okay, I forgive you because the fox was cute. Although I think its a little crude to have left the man's fate unresolved. Perhaps he could have been hanging on a treebranch or something at the very end?

Frokusblakah responds:

Haha, I was going to have him hanging from a tree looking dizzy next to a replay button at the end but never got around to making it. =P


i loved this animation and loved the music. Q.Q Dr. Reanimator is'nt on itunes *sadface* but oh well 10/10

cool but weird

is he saying moving your dead balls balls balls o.0


cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE!!!!!i LOVE it!!!!i repeat I L-O-V-E it so much please make another one like this expect..........about a WOLF
U ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!
GO Joseph Brewer (Frokusblakah)