Reviews for "Color that fox!"

I like Foxes...

I like 'em so you got my 10.

Best animation. Period

It's beautifully made artwork that flows frame to frame, stunningly well made. You know it's a good day if your art of foxes is rated by a furry as "Best animation. Period". Keep the foxies coming!

Cool music video

This was a sweet music video flash,the video was cool but the song was even better i never heard of this Dr.Reanimator song but it was awesome and it went very well with the video,overall this flash was very creative and i liked it very much.

Simply perfect, but...

From what I see in the comment, as soon as there's an animals in a flash, the author's obviously a Furry... what the heck people?

The pen looked like a penis

I could have sworn this was something made by Zeurel at first, due to the fact that he made a flash using this song and it had furry people. I thought it was really neat how this still managed to be good in its own right. It's nice you were able to put a story together that fit the song well. I'm not even sure why a fox wouldn't want to be colored in the first place. It's an original idea and I'm glad you have achieved recogntion for it. The backgrounds, if not the most detailed, were also very nice.