Reviews for "Color that fox!"

Fun animation with "interesting" music

Even though the music wasn't exactly my style, it seemed to fit the story and animation pretty well. It reminded me of the daffy duck cartoon where he fights with his animator. This was really good for a first submission, especially if you did it in just a few days.


Its really cute. I enjoy the music, and it makes me want to dance. The animation itself isn't bad at all. It actually made me smile!

Good work!

Wow very impressive

Really great animation,I like your style aswell and
It goes well together with the music.

I hope to see more from you.
Good luck with your future projects.


Pretty original. The animation was well done. The only down side to me was the music. The music was too repetitive and got on my nerves, but hey thats just my opinion.

Frokusblakah responds:

Hehe, my brother said the same thing. XD

Making music video's seems like the most fun to me at the moment, next time I'll do a different genre. =)

A jewel !

Colors are beautiful, the storyline perfect, the poetry is present... I can't add more than 10/10, cause you're a genuis :D
Will you color other animals ?

Frokusblakah responds:

More than likely. I can make make mistakes with animals and most people won't notice, people are harder! =P