Reviews for "Color that fox!"

pretty nice!

non-sucky animation, cthulhu inspired music, and a cute fox! whats not to like?

Could use some work.

First review ( whoop-de-doo :| ), but: On one hand, I don't see this animation being worthy of a front page. However, I'm sort of glad it did, so I could review it. I'm not enjoying that the rest of the reviews are either "it sucks" or "omg i luv it <333333", and that's getting on my nerves.

Onto my actual review: The fox was exceptionally well drawn and well animated. The rest of the work seems very half-assed and/or incomplete. The backgrounds could use more work, along with the pen and its ink. I think if you just spent more time on the flash as a whole, you could easily accomplish something more completed.

Towards the end, when the fox runs off the cliff, you could use to animate the physics of it better. Even cartoons follow physics to a degree, and/or have an effect to show the realization that they should be falling. Either ease the fox into falling or give an effect. The current animation is very stiff and robotic.

Other than that, my only gripe is the music. While the song is great, I just don't see it going with the video too well. But maybe that wasn't your ultimate goal. I dunno.

cool animation but...

cool animation but the music really didn't flow


There wasn't a whole lot of new scenery, and the scenery there was was simply linked together and looped, (e.x. the cliff scene), but it was still excellent.

The fox was drawn exceptionally smoothly, and you did a great job giving it facial expressions. Each and every last one was very cute.

It's also been years since I've heard this song... So props for nostalgia as well. ~<3

good job

fade cuts werent very good, but i liked your animation style in general. the song complimented the rapid movement nicely during the second half of the animation.