Reviews for "Color that fox!"


love the idea of a massive pen being able to colour the world, and the fox not particularly liking that :P. smooth animation, you've got potential, 9/10 :)

Great work

I say that with it being you're first animation being done. I'll add you as a fav just cause I think there's lots more growth and goodness to come. I think the pen looked like a pen had an old fountain pen look to it that's probably why some didn't think it looked like one. I like how it ended too that's what I was worried about enjoyed it to that part hope it didn't end lame. I'd probably give it an 8 but seeing it's your first one and it was smooth fluid and went well to the music I'll go a niner. Keep up the good work mate.


the pen doesn't really look like a pen.. (you can probably guess what it does though) I thought it was alright but the music kind of got annoying after a while (alright beat but just not that great) the pen could've easily caught the fox right away, if it was able to speed past it at points it should have just touched the fox instead of wasting all that time.

awesome man

this is your first animation, and it runs so smoothly already. the music with the idea of the movie, seems like you just really wanted to use that song. i mean besides the color part the song was just there for the hay, BUT i really did liked the video. i think you will do just perfectly on newgrounds. can't wait to see your future work
favorited animator*

Not amazing.

It's not the best animation, but I suppose we all start of somewhere now, don't we?
It's cute, I'll give you that and it's not actually that bad animated. Couldv'e been a few more details and stuff. blahblah blah. You know the drill.
Summary, pretty nice, but not the best. ;)