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Reviews for "Santa Shrugged"


Cute. :) Would've preferred y'know ACTUAL PHILOSOPHY but I'll take the joke instead. Merry Christmas, moochers!

What a wonderful idea, to give a bill!

That was great! Too bad more people wont get the entire joke.


Best Vid EVER!!!!!!!!! I don't even care whose side your on, this was unbelievably funny, and I'm suprised no one has done this

LOL I haven't even finished the book yet but it is just too prevalent to miss. Great vid and I'm glad I finally found it!

Didn't get it but still a good flash.

This was quite humorous but sadly i did not quite understand it or got the joke with Santa reading the Atlas Shrugged whatever book that is but all i know is that this flash was made very well with the animation and creativity of the flash so good job.