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Reviews for "XMOS"

Good Video

I thought it was pretty good, the style was nothing new, seen it before with all the other psycho-acid trip music video. But I will give you a plus for making it into a Christmas theme, so good job on that. Time for judgment.

Music: 8 Good trance mix, did you create it yourself of is it a track you got from someone else? Either way its good.
Animation: 7 Seems like you have some experience with this so, I would have to say its good.
Length: 5 Could of made it longer, but like you said in your movie your tablet stopped working.
Overall: 6.6 = 7

Slick-Productions responds:

Music: Was created by Birdy Nam Nam: "The Parachute Ending"
Animation: Thank you, it's my first fbf animation :D
Length: Yes, I also kinda started December 15th or so, so if I worked on it for longer like I usually do, you can be sure that it'd be overall better :D


Love the funky looking Santa!

Slick-Productions responds:

His funkiness is directly proportional to his pupil-less, glowing eyes, giant nose, and mouth-engulfing beard!
I'm glad you liked it :D


hahahaha, anyway, this looks cool, more how santa was dancing :P

Slick-Productions responds:

Thank ya! I'd make santa dance more, but that requires

Im not a believer, but

Wow, That was kick ass trippy. Liked it a lot! very cool trance animation.

Slick-Productions responds:

Thank ya!
And same here, I'm actually Jewish.
But doing the same thing with Hannukkah.... I'll bet the score would drop at least by .5