Reviews for "Sonic Battle: Collab"


Fukin great intro guys long but great this should make front page :D

Pienkaito responds:

I don't really expect frontpage with this, but would be really great.
But we all can only dream about it.

A+ work

Very nice sprite work.

Pienkaito responds:



I can see why this was in the top 5! that was very funny and great. i still can't believe sonic lost to the SAND BAG! THAT was very funny!

(Would you mind telling me where you got those Super Luigi Sprites?)

Keep it up Pkmn2!

Pienkaito responds:

Please ask the corresponding flash artist. In your case, it's Harry-Control. =)

stay wicked!

You guys reely upped the anty of sonic collabs now! if anyone outbest this thing i'll eat my labtop! (dont let them best you this is the only one I have) but seriously this is the best collab i've ever sen on newgrounds

Pienkaito responds:

Thank you from the Sonic Battle Collab Team.
We hope you'll like our other works too. =)

nice vid but

i was wondering was the intro part inspired by an anime because it looks familier ( bad spelling)

Pienkaito responds:

Nope, made all by myself.