Reviews for "Sonic Battle: Collab"

freaking great

whos the song in the last flash by?whats the song called

Pienkaito responds:

Jaret Reddick - Endless Possibilities
(From the game: Sonic World Adventure aka Sonic Unleashed)

its alright...

theres some severe Plagiarism on Alvin Earthjworms style happening in this animation. also, as well as the animation may be, it just moves far too slow and can sometimes be a little dull. but some effort was involved so five stars and no more.

Pienkaito responds:

wow, nice word usage.
Yeah, there were a few parts that mimics Alvin's style. Even though the movie contains overpowered hedgehogs with a hyper-beam-addiction in pixelated form, you can't expect them, having super speed. Especially Chaos and E-102. They were the slowest characters in the GBA anyway. =P

But thanks for fair rating. =)


for a minute there i thought this was actually sponsored by sega...
i thought the first NX animation was the best.
although the second NX was to long so i got bored. but pose was nice

Pienkaito responds:

lol, I don't think, that Sega would sponsor some random apes like us. =P
Anyway, thanks for the comment.
I hope you liked the other parts too. They were great too.


I guess we were trying to go with something totally new for this collab, weren't we? Yes, it is true that although there are a million different Sonic flashes that involve epic battles... and this collab is nothing different. Personally... I thought that this was going to somehow be a tribute to the classic Game Boy Advance game, with the same title... I even remember seeing a Gamegear somewhere(maybe I'm just going crazy)... but it turns out it was just another run-of-the-mill collab, with basic anime violence... that has been done in a collab once before. The idea has just been done over and over again... and it's starting to get a bit restless quite honestly. It seems like a game, like, "How many Sonic animations can we make with Dragonball Z sound effects?" Although it is way overdone... I'm not bashing on the collab because of this... I'm just bashing on the fact of the idea of reused Mario vs. Sonic scenarios, and basic Sonic vs. Metal Sonic battles that have been spat out at the viewers for simple pleasure. There was no instance of originality... and the action that I saw just put me to sleep. It also doesn't make sense from a Sonic fan's standpoint. How the hell could Tails pulverize Shadow? It's just impossible. While the action and random violence was a bit of a disappointing detour... the animation was actually done pretty adequately... and if you could get pass the long intro, was timed very precise. I also enjoy the idea of a minigame. Sure, the game was complete crap(I apologize), but the idea of having a game in a flash collab wasn't bad. Overall, Sonic Battles: Collab has some pretty decent animation, but it's all been done before in the past. It isn't horrible... but it's definitely nothing original.


Pienkaito responds:

Well, I can understand that. I'm trying to avoid such things (hence the non-existant of Dragonball Z SFX or similar in my parts)
And yes you did see the Gamegear. Thanks for noticing that.

I would have lead the collab a bit different, if I were the leader in the first place. To see Tails defeating Shadow is also very unlikely, that's true. (Except Tails uses those strange 7 Super Emeralds that was in STH 3 but that's irrelevant)
Anyway, this DBZ thing is not really that old. It started drastically after the release of Alvin's series. Before that there were spoofs and silly jokes and before that there was Mario VS Sonic as far as I know.

So don't worry about the DBZ, it will end like the other fads, after there another sprite movie that is so successful that it will get copied as well.

Also, the minigame is not complete crap and I'll take your apologize. XD

But thanks for voting fair and taking time writing a such long review for us.


Really good, and the parts some of the characters got were suckish, but i loved it. Only one thing: how do you choose a different character in the minigame?

Pienkaito responds:

Sorry, but there's only one available. We planned to have at least 2 characters to select, but the filesize was too big.
But still, thanks for the comment. =)