Reviews for "Sonic Battle: Collab"

you know

this is one of the things that make newgrounds the best thing ever,thank you allof you to from making it on your computor to submitting it on newgrounds man im saving it to my favs right now

Great and Epic

This was greatly epic and it was almost as good as Alvin-Earthworm's SMBZ i said ALMOST but still this was one of the best battle collabs i've seen in a long time and it was Sonic! That is just lucky! I'm having the opposite of bad luck today even though its Friday The 13th today! ^.^ 10/10 5/5

This is amazing

I loved it. Some fights were slow like it was in slow motion but whoever did the fight with chaos and Omega, I loved how you just took the fight and turned it into a spectacular ending. It was amazing.

Pienkaito responds:

E-102 Gamma, not Omega.
And thanks. =)
I did it it.


Love it!

Pure epic! Hope you get lots of fans!

Completely random and... I like it!

Great Collab!

It's nice to see everyone running around!