Reviews for "Heavens Gate"


i love this game its going in my favorites ive been looking for something like this for years


I thought it was really decent, I liked the background music, and the game itself was enjoyable to watch!

Good 10/10 and 5/5

its a great gadget but its seem like newgrounder dont appreciate a good
gadget anymore they may blam you so you save it on you pc or mac and repost it if you get blam k.Hope you make more

drewpooters rating

this is wonderful i love how you can change what it looks like so i say good job JoUBG :)

The Irony Here is Hilarious

Maybe you would've changed the name of this flash if you had realized there was a suicide group called Heaven's Gate a few years ago. Anyway, the game was pretty unique but I lost interest quickly.

JoUBG responds:

I didn't know that O_o

But you can take comfort in knowing that this doesn't condone suicide in any way :)