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Reviews for "Back On Track"

Wow, i forgot to review this one...
Absolute banger from start to end, and that's a fact!!

Fun fact: my favourite part is the piano segment at 1:36, which isn't present in the GD cut.

DJVI responds:

Yeah it was too long for GD. No ones hears it unless they listen the full song :D

noice I beat this level in GD some years back i think 2016 and one of my favorites

DJVI responds:

That's great to hear! Good to have you here :)

Awesome memories for this song,I remember when I was stuck on it but now I beat hard demons(Clubstep,Toe 2,and Deadlocked)

DJVI responds:

Yeah it was hard at first :D I could never beat demon levels though :D

The first level I have ever beaten (yes before Stereo Madness).
Geometry Dash is literally the game of my life. I had so many memories from this amazing game. I literally went from this to a couple of insane demons. Time flies so quickly. nostalgia...

DJVI responds:

Thank you so much! I could never beat demon levels :D

The first thing I say: Nostalgia...

I like this song very much because it has a happy tune that makes ky day happy too!

:) :) :)