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Reviews for "Back On Track"

I would like to sing while listening to this song...
I don't like it too much... but it's sounds very good :)

May I use this in a remix/cover? Great music btw, just needs a bit more bass IMO, other than that, love it, Especially the drop

I like cycles and back on track i liked this extended version.

Nice DJVI! I first came to find this song on Geometry Dash. My friend REALLY LOVED IT! She kept asking me to replay the level. I really feel like blasting this out in my house. Or replay the level over, and over, and over...Even if it means I do it so much till a 1,000,000 times!!!!

I'm thinking of (maybe) playing this on my birthday!

I wonder what's harder: playing this song on the piano, or playing the level itself.