Reviews for "Yuffie Kisaragi RPS (3D)"


as we wrote the bad the bad reviews, the uploader didnt wrote the line "Reposted....."
so it was just fair that we worte em

and when there is no copyright, he is a thief
are there any lines, which show that he has the permission to upload, than its ok

that has nothing to do with, "we cant read"

and to be fair, cuz he finally wrote the line, i rate this piece higher

People stop being dumb

This game is awesome and for those people who say he stole this it says in description:
"Reposted with permission by T-Graph"
so instead of calling him dumb ass how bout you quit being dumb asses and learn to read -_-

I like it

This adult game is different from other games in Newgrounds. Play rock, paper and scissor is a good idea. Also a 3D model is also a good idea. Too bad, she is only topless at the end of the game. Next time, make her naked.

thank you

she is so fuckin hot

I enjoyed it.

Nicely done. Not perfect, but it's a good start. The 3-D model of Yuffie was done very well.

Make one for Tifa, and you'll have my 10/10 vote. =D