Reviews for "a letter to Santa Claus"


WTF that was soo funny


that is the funniest i ever seen

i thought it was good

thats kind of the stuff i want to see on newgrounds. thats why i come here. it was done in a nice style, was simple and was a nice little joke. not one of those big stupid animations that try to take themselves way too serious while they are just a load of crap. i enjoy it.

That was funny

Good work, love it.


Me being credited here feels like Obama winning the Nobel prize. It just isn't right! :P
Congrats on yet another great flash!
Eu já tinha achado a carta engraçada quando vc me mandou, mas o final foi ainda melhor! :D
Parabéns cara!

peixeaquatico responds:

é isso ae cara :<>

vlw bro